What’s In This Pack🍻

1 x Mountain Culture Scenic Route Session Hazy
1 x Ocean Reach Pale Ale
1 x Deeds Pregame Pale Ale
1 x Akasha Super Chill
1 x Yulli’s Amanda Mandarin IPA
1 x Nomad South Pacific Dream Pale Ale
1 x Dainton Overdrive West Coast IPA
1 x Sauce Hazy Pale Ale
1 x Wolf Of The Willows XPA
1 x Jervis Bay 11 Days Pale Ale
1 x Hawkers Pale Ale
1 x Sydney Brewery East Coast IPA


Please note, in the event a particular beer is not available for any of our mixed packs/hampers, we will replace that item with one of equal or greater value.


Quench your thirst and savour amazing new taste experiences with an expedition through a dozen Australian Craft Beer hidden gems in our distinctive Mixed 12 Pack. Fill your fridge for those hot days, or send it as a personal or corporate gift!