What’s In This Pack 🍻

1 x White Bay Cloud Cover Hazy IPA
1 x Hawkers Nailing The Feng Shui Rye IPA
1 x Wooden Axe Red IPA
1 x Blackman’s Needs More Galaxy IPA
1 x Fox Friday IPA
1 x Hop Nation X Mountain Culture Fishing IPA
1 x Dainton Overdrive West Coast IPA
1 X Coconspirator IPA
1 x Dad & Dave’s Brewing Belgian IPA
1 x Ocean Reach IPA
1 x Yulli’s Amanda Mandarin IPA
1 x Sydney Brewery East Coast IPA


Please note, in the event a particular beer is not available for any of our mixed packs/hampers, we will replace that item with one of equal or greater value.


If India Pale Ale is your thing, you’re in for a treat! Stronger and hoppier than regular Pale Ales, this curated collection of a dozen Craft IPA Beers comes to you from a carefully selected array of Australia’s Craft Breweries. Shop now for swift delivery to your door!

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